Helping clients derive productivity boost

With smart robotic process automation we'll provide service excellence

Helping clients derive productivity boost

With smart robotic process automation we'll provide service excellence

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In highly demanding and competitive environment as it’s today, companies are continuously looking to better manage with uncertainty, reduce operational costs, increase business growth and profitability, attract and retain new customers, improve workforce productivity, and quality of tools and processes.
If your business is strongly looking to improve one of the mentioned areas, it’s a right time and place to consider smart RPA to fulfill your company’s needs.
We will guide you through RPA successfully to achieve your wanted position.

What is Smart Robotic Process Automation ?

Smart Robotic process automation (SRPA) is the automation of repetitive processes executed automatically by robots in the same way, as if a real person was doing them across multi-domain applications, platforms and systems. Smart Robotic process automation is the next step in the evolution of business process in the organization. Smart software robots, based on cognitive and Intelligent automation algorithms, execute rule-based information processes which significantly increase your company’s productivity.

Software robots interact with different systems in the same way as human, taking into account simplicity of integration.

Key Features of RPA

  • Virtual Workers
    • Robots installed locally, working in the background
    • Possibility of virtualization and ease of integration with external systems
    • Local and remote robots initiation and scheduling
  • Rule Based Automation
    • User inputs based rules translated and structured into automatic scripts
    • Rule based flow execution
    • Basic and complex work flows support
  • Smart Process Automation based on cognitive algorithms
    • Advanced analytics with predictive models for unstructured data handling and exceptions
    • Behaviour patterns recognition
    • Interaction with virtual systems and humans
  • Actions recording
    • Desktop, GUI layout, systems shell recording
    • Capturing human detection and interference into processes
    • Applications objects recognition and recording
  • Central Management
    • Virtual Workers performance monitoring and capacity management
    • Detection and reporting exceptions
    • Input for cognitive decisions and advanced analytics
  • Company’s centric oriented
    • Multi domain, multi platform and technology oriented
    • Processes and work flows monitoring
    • Scalability appropriate and security compliant with company’s standards

Business Areas supported by Smart RPA:

  • Government
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Inssurance
  • Finance&Banking
  • Finance&Accounting
  • Retail
  • Human Resources
  • IT

Key Benefits of RPA

  • Significant company’s productivity boost
  • Reduced delivery and operational cost
  • Flexibility, efficiency and multitasking
  • Auditing, risk mitigation, security compliance
  • Continuous improvement of data quality